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The Traveler
The Dead World

Kyle has spent all thirteen years of life in the Child Teaching System of Tehrahey dealing with bullies and abusive guardians. His only comfort has been his friends; Andy, the smart girl he’s known for as long as either can remember, Jason, a grumpy kid who grew up out in the world, and Max, Andy’s old bully turned energetic friend. 





New Jersey Bail Reform

Most people have a basic understanding of the concept of bail. A person gets arrested, and then pays a certain amount of money to get released from jail. the money paid acts....

Emergency Preparedness

Living in the state of  California means dealing with earthquakes and fires on a pretty regular basis. As scary as that may sound, it is only par for the course. Everywhere has some....

Tracking Santa Claus

As Christmas draws nearer, children all over begin to grow more and more excited. They all know that Santa is preparing for his flight around the world. For kids, this is the most exciting....



Tyler currently lives in Arizona while working on his first novel. By setting "pen to paper," so to speak, Tyler started down this path nine years ago. For quite some time, incredible stories would come to roost within his mind, but they were all jumbled and disconnected. High school brought the idea for the Travelers, people with the ability to jump from world to world. This simple idea allowed Tyler to link all of the varying stories into one single narrative known today as the Traveler Series.

The copywriting job came as a way to further his skill. Many authors agree that the best way to learn the complex skill of writing is to write. In order to expand his skill set, in 2013 Tyler began creating articles covering a variety of topics from bail, safety tips, and even holidays.

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