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Writing Wednesdays

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What Is Writing Wednesday?

Every Wednesday, I share a simple writing prompt along with the #WritingWednesday tag with the goal of getting others to write and practice my own skills. Far too often I find myself stuck on my main projects for fear of them not being perfect. What I love about writing prompts is there aren't really any strings attached to these projects. I don't expect them to be perfect and that allows me to churn out what I feel is a cute and fun story in the course of s single day.

By working on these prompts each week, I'm reminded of how much fun writing can be when I'm not striving for perfection. I hope you'll join me in the fun.

The WW Archive

Below, you will find an archive of all the past prompts I've shared since October of 2020 with links to every story that I've created for them. Go ahead and scroll through the different prompts and if you find one that tickles your fancy, write your heart out and have fun!

2021 Prompts

2020 Prompts

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