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The Dead World

Kyle has spent all thirteen years of life in the Child Teaching System of Tehrahey dealing with bullies and abusive guardians. His only comfort has been his friends; Andy, the smart girl he’s known for as long as either can remember, Jason, a grumpy kid who grew up out in the world, and Max, Andy’s old bully turned energetic friend.

Life in the CTS is rough, and life on Tehrahey is even tougher. Their world is dying, and everyone knows it. The only hope is to venture into the Erima desert and search for magical relics left behind by the mysterious Traveler, a powerful hero who created their world.

But can these four kids hope to succeed when generations of adults have failed?

Travelers protect worlds. Without the care of a Traveler, Tehrahey fell into ruin beneath the Erima. Relyt, the inevitable fiery death of Kyle’s home world approaches. If he wants to save his friends, he’ll need to master his new powers, which means taking on the role of the Traveler and going to a new world. Leaving behind his friends is terrifying, but sometimes, the best solution is to step away and look elsewhere. 

As Kyle ventures to Amyntor’s home dimension of Earth, he is startled by everything he finds. On this world, water falls from the sky, people ride around in metal machines, and teachers don’t hit their students! It’s spectacular and amazing, so why can’t Kyle shake the feeling that something is missing?

While Navigating this new world, Kyle learns that not everything is perfect beneath the surface. People are still people no matter the world, and some will do everything they can to gain power. Will Kyle be able to adapt to this new world and his powers in order to save his friends, or will his first mission as a Traveler be his last?


The Lost Heart

The Dead World
Th Lost Heart
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