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The Dead World

The Dead World follows a young boy named Kyle and his friends as they set out to escape their dying world. In order to flee the desert world of Tehrahey, the kids will need to find long lost relics left behind by the mysterious Traveler, the creator of their world. The journey will take them out into an unforgiving world that offers little hope of survival for its inhabitants. Will the kids be able to survive the heat of the Erima, the frozen ruins of Glachalis, or the tyrannical might of The Maker all while following a talking black cat?

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Forever and Always

There are often words said, that we wished never left our lips. Actions we regret and would rather undo. However, those things can never be undone, not in the way we'd like. All we can hope for is a chance to right past wrongs and hope beyond hope, that it will truly make a difference.

Sitting on a Bench

Age of Mythology (WIP)

Have you ever wondered if there was more out there in the world, things that people didn't dare dream were real? In this collection of stories, follow Mark as he day by day listens to Achene's fantastical stories. Are they true, or is this mysterious woman just really creative?


A Strange Night in January

Seeing your parents as anything but adults is strange, so when a girl stumbles upon the childhood versions of her parents one night, things get weird. Is what she's seeing real, or is it something more fantastical?

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